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Debuted on Five Billboard Top Ten Charts in Jazz and Classical

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"My perception is that Pauline Frechette must be an extraordinarily brilliant, sensitive and vulnerable person with a huge love for humanity and all that surrounds her. How else would she be empowered to sound so divine!" - Rick Jamm, read the full review here

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Renowned artist, Ford Crull, who did the artwork for the poster, flew in from NYC to number and sign posters with me at my Ojai home concert.

It was a full house and so much fun!

Thanks so much to all of you who bid on the posters both at the live concert and online.


Pauline entertains audiences in home concerts

recordING piano compositions in the famous Capitol Records Recording Studios

Pauline aka Raven coaches rock band "V2" in their Santa Rosa recording studio



Pauline and David performing together.

Pauline front row center with The Way to Happiness Youth Choir. 

Pauline ends the concert receiving another standing ovation.



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Pauline Frechette is not just a singer/composer/lyricist. She is first and foremost a communicator - an entertainer with the humor and intensity of Jaques Brel, the musicality of Ravel and the spontaneity and theatricality of Bette Midler. And if bringing those diverse elements together seems an impossibility - or at least an improbability - well, once you understand the diversity of Pauline’s background, you can then understand that it’s not only possible for her to deliver the above magic, it is impossible for her not to deliver it. Because she is the music. She is humor and drama. She is delight and sadness. She is a blend of all that is beauty and all that is tragic. And that is why she creates music and songs that are uniquely her own - songs that defy being labeled.

But, if label the music you must, well, “Neo Classical meets New Chanson,” is the best we can do for now.

So just where did this Classical, theatrical, funny/sad person matriculate from?

Pauline Frechette was born in Hammond, Indiana, the fifth of eleven children in a family of musicians and artists. Her father, Lou Frechette, played the largest unit organ in the world for the Chicago Black Hawks at the Chicago Stadium. Her grandfather, Raoul Vezina was a trumpet player and band leader in Quebec and her great-grandfather, Josef Vezina, was a violinist who founded the Quebec Symphony. Several of her sisters, brothers, uncles and cousins are artists and/or musicians with talents represented worldwide in theatres, magazines, galleries and museums.

From age five, Pauline learned classical piano and violin, winning many competitions and playing in a youth orchestra. She was also drawn to the stage, playing juvenile roles in numerous musicals such as: Carousel, Sound of Music and Bye Bye Birdie. In her teens Frechette wrote and performed songs throughout Europe with the Showteens then continued her career in London where she performed at clubs including The Troubadour, studied acting at the London School of Dramatic Art and at the Bristol Old Vic and composed music for The Royal Pardon and Big, Fat, Hairy Vision in London’s West End. On returning home, she won the Foundation for Arts Scholarship and Farwell Award for three consecutive years at the American Conservatory of Music and was a finalist in the World Popular Music Festival.

While still enrolled at the Conservatory, Pauline wandered into the theatre where You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown was playing, hoping to get an audition. Just as the stage manager was throwing her out, Gene Perrson, producer of the New York Company, walked into the theatre. He ignored the stage manager, gave Pauline an audition, called the New York office and said “I’ve found Lucy.” And that was Pauline’s entrance to the Big Apple.

After touring as Lucy with the New York Company, Pauline moved to NYC where she acted in commercials, did voice-overs, wrote the music and lyrics for jingles, created songs for Infinity Factory, composed the theme for PBS TV, and performed her own music in NY clubs where she received rave reviews from the New York Daily News and Women’s Wear Daily.

Expanding as a composer into the world of musical theatre, Pauline was personally selected by Lehman Engel to participate in his famed BMI Musical Theatre Workshop. Later, deciding to venture into the field of rock Pauline renamed herself “Raven Kane.” As “Raven” her credits as composer/lyricist include: Skylines produced at The New Jersey Theatre Forum; Ataria, a rock-opera, produced by The Goodspeed Opera House and entered into the Songwriters Hall of Fame as a "Valuable Work in Progress"; The Adventures of Denton the Dragon, produced by The Celebrity Centre Theatre and the LaMirada Theater for the Performing Arts and released on CD starring the voice talents of Elliott Gould and Melanie; songs for Space World in Fukoka, Japan; the title song for the film, Mind Games; a new musical Survival of the Heart written with Karen Black, produced in a NYC Workshop by the late Marvin Krauss and directed by Pat Birch; Silicon Valley, created by Raven and Klaus Netzle for Teldec Records then performed by them in theaters throughout Germany; co-created the rock album, Vogue 2000.

As a singer Raven performed and/or recorded with many legendary artists on multiple gold and paltinum records. Highlights include singing with: her step-son BECK on Sound and Vision; MUSE for the 2012 Olympics; Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr at the Hollywood Bowl, Leonard Cohen, Cher, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Kenny Loggins, Dolly Parton, Alice Cooper, and duets with Neil Diamond on his World Tour featured on the CD “Live In America”. Her voice is heard on films including “Wayne’s World”, “Rent”, “Tigger”, “Land Before Time”, “Dracula”, “Mermaids” and “Aladdin.” The News World press said: “Raven Kane is a dynamic singer and brilliant songwriter-performer” and “Miss Kane exhibits a driving strength born of persistence and genius ...”.

In 2009 Raven’s music was performed by the Baltimore Symphony and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Her composition “Reflections” had its West Coast premiere in 2010 with the Traction Street Orchestra hosted by Kat Von D at The Million Dollar Theatre in Los Angeles.

After 20 years in the proverbial “trunk”, Raven resurrected her musical Artaria, created a new storyline for it and produced numerous readings in Chicago, L.A. and NYC. It was presented by General Manager, Seth A. Goldstein of Daryl Roth Management in NYC at the Baruch Theatre.

Now Raven Kane has come full circle to reclaim her real name, Pauline Frechette, and to create, record and perform her neo-classical piano works as well as songs in the Nouvelle Chanson genre emulating those of Jacques Brel and Charles Aznevoir.

Response from her first release on the Soundcloud charts, Song For Michael, has fans are calling her composition, “musical poetry.” Accolades from reviewers are similar:

“absolutely stunning” ~ Brett Stewart, Jukebox Podcast

“This beautifully crafted melody is nothing short of a modern classical masterpiece, and it is an indicator that Pauline Frechette is close to achieving ‘classical great’ status herself.” ~ Katrina Charles, Me, You, World Music, Publications

Pauline Frechette has truly come home to herself. Her music can be heard on Soundcloud and is available on iTunes and Amazon.







"Always Lovers has an all at once distant and intimate sound about it, somehow seeming like an up close and personal confession as well as being merely a whisper or an idea hanging on a passing breeze. The artist’s leading vocal performance is much gentler here than on previous recordings, though it has always had a captivating softness to it." ~ Rebecca Cullen Stereostickman

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“I have never in my life as a professional music critic have heard anyone touch my heart the way that she does when I hear her songs. Pauline hits every note perfectly and flawlessly. This new release will hit you where you least expect it.” ~ Jack Saint Themusicreviews

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“Pauline Frechette is a driven and passionate pianist and composer …recently released “Song for Michael”, a touching song that features simple, yet dynamic musicality and melodies that reach to the listener’s soul.” ~ the bandcampdiaries

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“Pauline Frechette has it all. …  On “Love in the Afternoon” however, she is at her finest. The beauty of the song is almost indescribable, making so much of pop-music seem so utterly trivial in comparison. " ~ JS Jamsphere Publications

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"Really digging this new song from Pauline Frechette!  I’ve had the privilege of listening to a number of her singles along the way and I have the sneaking suspicion that this one is my favorite of the bunch so far.  “Always Lovers” moves at a sleek & graceful pace, adding in a haunting mystique into the atmosphere alongside a powerful tale of love between two." ~jer@sbs Sleepingbagstudios

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“ ‘Song For Michael’ is a beautiful, melancholy experience that highlights Frechette’s passionate performance. …Frechette’s performance is elegant in the purest sense of the word.”

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“She’s made magic once again on “Love In The Afternoon” and captured captivating and beautiful emotions on this brand-new single…she sounds timeless.” ~ Sleepingbagstudios

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“ … what I hear in “Song For Michael” for certain…my own inability to justly describe the beautiful moment that I’m hearing in this song… The entire song soars with beauty, drama and unmistakable real-emotion…gorgeous and stunning to listen to at each and every moment.”

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“... have the sneaking suspicion that this one is my favorite of the bunch so far.  “Always Lovers” moves at a sleek & graceful pace, adding in a haunting mystique …

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“Pauline is blessed with a great voice, a distinctive and beautifully frayed tone that sounds hip and vulnerable, cool and polished all at once. And when placed in a ethereally haunting composition as this. She is perfectly in her element.” ~Jacob Aiden Jamsphere

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On “Come Away With Me” "With this track, Pauline has proven once again that she is capable not only of creating musical masterpieces (a difficult achievement enough,) but also of conjuring content which is personally inspiring.”

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"The last release of Frechette’s featured here on the Spotlight, ‘Song For Michael,’ remains one of 2016’s best independent tunes.”

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“Pauline Frechette is back with an extraordinary new instrumental song called “A Quiet Walk In The Snow.”  Arranged by David Campbell … it’s quite an achievement and absolutely captivating beyond words.”  ~ sleepingbagstudios

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“Accomplished singer, composer, and lyricist, Pauline Frechette has released a magnificent new piece title “A Quiet Walk in the Snow.” It is an incredibly poignant song …” ~ stepkid 

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