"Follow My Heart" opens for Iron and Wine Concerts


“a truly memorable musical experience.
…they opened with a beautiful instrumental piece entitled
'Follow My Heart' by Pauline Frechette.”

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This was like a mini-tour for me with Iron & Wine (Sam Beam) who is an amazing poet and artist. I have so much admiration for him! And it was so very special having the opportunity to have my instrumental, "Follow My Heart" ( with my husband David Campbell's incredible arrangements) open the night with each symphony. It's really a composer's dream to hear one's music being performed with such stellar arrangements in these iconic venues. If you were at any of these performances, please contact me by hitting reply to this email and share your experience with me. I know I was entranced by each and every concert.

Fortunately, a friend took a little clip of me receiving an ovation at the Kennedy Center, and another fan captured of my composition being played at Disney Hall. It includes David's wonderful introduction of the night. Watch below:

What's next? The start of the 2020 Grammy Season is coming up fast! My latest release, the single Jewel Box , has been receiving rave reviews and will be entered for a Grammy along with my other composition, The Sacred Mountains of Ojai. Click here to listen: https://www.paulinefrechette.com/epk

Alex Lake