"An Intimate Story" Solo Album Pre-Release

The pre-release of "An Intimate Story", my solo piano album, is available now!

Over the past couple years many of you have requested a solo piano album of my music. It's one thing to compose the music - quite another to actually play it! And then to have it perfect to record it ... Well, it took several months to compose and practice the music. I then recorded it at three different studios, Capitol Studios, Thayer Hall at The Colburn School and Bluebird Park Studios. Now, I'm very happy to say - it's done!


Picture above is the recording several of the pieces at Thayer Hall at The Colburn School on their wonderful Shigeru Kawaii Concert Grand piano.


For the album I composed a piece titled War & Peace and recorded it at Capitol Studios in Studio A. Love that studio!! I could just feel the great artists who had recorded there in that very room. So inspiring.


This framed picture is on the wall at Blue Bird Park Studios. I recorded several pieces there. When I'm recording, it reminds me of The Power of Music!

An Intimate Story, is a compilation of twelve of my original neo-classical piano compositions. Each song is is an intimate story of β€œme”, in that when I compose music I discover and communicate the depths of who I am. 

Life is a journey and my music is my journal.  While listening to this album I invite you to explore universes I have discovered, share deep emotional experiences, dance through galaxies and visit places of yesteryear that I love.  

With my music, I hope to take you to unexpected places where you might find peace, inspiration, beauty and a touch of romanticism. 

I'm very excited to share this music with you!   Click here to purchase your copy for 50% off - just $5.  It includes a free download of my most recent creation, Jewel Box Fantasy.   

If you visit iTunes and type in "Pauline Frechette" you can click on "An Intimate Story" and then click and listen to brief excerpts of the songs.   

Share with me what you're up to this summer in the comments below! 

Take time to create ~ I guarantee it will make you happy!!

xoxo Pauline (aka Raven)

Alex Lake