Pauline Frechette is a contemporary, classical, composer.  Her melodies and harmonies take you to unexpected places, emotionally driven yet only 2 or 3 minutes long. Her compositions are gems that spark the 21st century need for private inspiration, sensual beauty or glowing romanticisim. A Frechette miniature fills the need for warm flow, deeper meaning or emotional lift to a higher plane - in the time it took to prepare and consume an espresso.

Her album, Colors of My Heart, debuted in the Billboard Top Ten in Classical and Jazz and is being played in over 100 countries to millions of listeners. Pauline’s music has been performed by the Baltimore Symphony, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the Cincinnati Symphony the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center and at Disney Hall.



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“Pauline Frechette is … absolutely captivating beyond words.” ~ Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

“Pauline is blessed with a great voice … hip and vulnerable, cool and polished all at once.”~ Jacob Aiden, “Jamsphere Radio”

“Pauline Frechette is close to achieving ‘classical great’ status herself.” ~ Katrina Charles,  Me, You, World Music, Publications

“absolutely stunning” ~ Brett Stewart, Jukebox Podcast

“…melodies continue to repeat in your head long after the last notes have faded.” ~ Music, News and Stuff



Pauline is a recording artist on Viscount Music and Viscount Classical.  Her recordings are available on Spotify, iTunes, Google and Amazon.

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