Winter Romance Album

"Beginning with the incredibly beautiful A Quiet Walk In The Snow, Pauline Frechette’s latest EP Winter Romance is every bit as organically ambient and peaceful as you’d hope. Featuring a new collection of piano-led recordings, the project fills the room with a classical aura and a sense of emotion and space that feels calming and thoughtful all at once."

~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

"Pauline proves she’s got an incredible understanding of that relationship between space & sound on “Diamonds… she’s one of those artists that are more than talented… that this is more than just a pure passion… that making music is truly what she was born to do with her life.”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

“…The excellent balance in this EP from beginning to end really makes this whole experience highly repeatable and relentlessly enjoyable; when you realize how short it is every couple of spins, it’ll almost have you shaking your head in disbelief that Pauline was able to do so much and take you so many places within so little time.”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

Glass Waltz

“surges along in such a controlled but wild way… almost as if you could completely imagine this tune becoming the soundtrack for an old Chaplin flick of some kind – it’s endearing.”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

“this piece has a certain flair… in a bright and quite refreshing way.”

~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman


“...seriously STUNNING spots in “Snowflakes” that melt gorgeously & sweetly into this song.”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

a personal favorite from this EP … lightly uplifting listening experience”

A Quiet Walk In The Snow

“…absolutely immaculate to listen to and its mysterious melody pulls you right in close to do so."

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

“Pauline Frechette is back with an extraordinary new instrumental song, arranged by David Campbell… it’s quite an achievement and absolutely captivating beyond words.”

Starry Night

“Starry Night” is spectacular, straight-up. ... It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful, it’s played to perfection”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios



… a beautifully graceful & sincere melody that connects right to the heart.”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

Diamonds … works well as a mellow calm with a gentle dash of depth and consideration.”

~ Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

Love In The Afternoon

“She’s made magic once again on “Love In The Afternoon” and captured captivating and beautiful emotions on this brand-new single…she sounds timeless.”

Song For Michael

“The entire song soars with beauty, drama and unmistakable real-emotion…gorgeous and stunning to listen to at each and every moment.”

“…a touching song that features simple, yet dynamic musicality and melodies that reach to the listener’s soul.”

“a beautiful, melancholy experience that highlights Frechette’s passionate performance. …Frechette’s performance is elegant in the purest sense of the word.”

Winter Wonderful

“... this song audibly sounds like what Christmas morning feels like…everything about this entire tune is brilliantly vibrant, alive, and highly inviting.”

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios

Always Lovers

"Always Lovers has an all at once distant and intimate sound about it, somehow seeming like an up close and personal confession as well as being merely a whisper or an idea hanging on a passing breeze. The artist’s leading vocal performance is much gentler here than on previous recordings, though it has always had a captivating softness to it."

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studio

“…moves at a sleek & graceful pace, adding in a haunting mystique into the atmosphere alongside a powerful tale of love between two."

~ JER, Sleepingbag Studios